What is the difference between MD5 and SHA-256

MD5 and SHA-256 are the same two methods of doing the integrity of a file for private or public purposes, but both have advantages and disadvantages. You can do this test on the files you have, either from downloads or from the process of changing data. The testing process produced by the two methods above is in the form of a has algorithm. This method aims to check the file you check, whether the file is true or false, this is generally done by files downloaded from the internet. But if you do this method from a file you change or create, the algorithm generated is static, meaning that you hold the integrity code of the file you make, and it is impossible to compare from other files.

1. The difference between MD5 and SHA-256 is as follows:

MD5 is the first widely used algorithmic term, but MD5 has the disadvantage of being vulnerable to the security of file integrity, which makes it no longer the main algorithm referring to a high-level integrity method. This is due to collation attacks or community combinations used to create the same algorithm code or duplicate the same activity. Therefore MD5 is not used for high-level handling integrity purposes such as storing passwords, employee biodata for the company, encryption codes, etc.

MD5 Hash code example:
With a length of 32 hexadecimal digits. 

SHA-256 is also a method algorithm that has a high level of robustness and security. This method is part of the Secure Has Algorithm or SHA-2, which produced the same structure as SHA-256. For now, the SHA-256 method has a much stronger status than MD5. SHA-256 is also used for various platforms, for example, in applications that require data encryption or large-scale databases in government, but this must also be handled by security protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Shell (SSH) services.

SH-256 Has code as in the example :
With several digits of 64 hexadecimal.

You need to know that no algorithm is absolutely impossible to hack. Because in recent years, SHA-256 has been attacked by irresponsible parties, even though SHA-256 is declared safe, it is good to follow the information about cryptography and use algorithmic services implemented by relevant security authorities.

2. How to use this method:

The two methods above can use a Computer and Android, even you can also check it through online services.

- For Computers, you can use software such as MD5Checker, and WinMD5, even you can implement program languages such as Python if you are familiar with data analysis.

- For Android use apps like Hash Checker: MD5, SHA, CRC-32 or other types of apps.

- And if Online, use services like MD5 Hash Generator, MD5 Online &; Encrypt, but if you use this method, you have to upload the file with the help of the internet network.

3. How to ensure the integrity of downloaded files:

To ensure this, you need to contact where the source of the download link provider puts the link. If the website, generally, the website has contacts that can be contacted to compare the algorithm data they store. Pay attention to how important the data you download is, whether it has the potential to damage the device or not, as most download link providers do not directly provide the MD5 or SHA-256 codes they have available for publication.

4. What causes the algorithm you check is not the same when comparing:

A. Generally occurs due to download management. If related to this, several things need to be considered.

1. Server Factor This happens because the download server or cloud space provider is experiencing an unstable connection.

2. Provider, you must use a fast and stable provider service to avoid fire damage.

3. Browser Management, make sure you use common browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, chrome, edge, and other types, to avoid the process of pausing the download process. Cloud space services with their own download management recommend the download pause process, such as MEGA servers, Torrent, and Terabox.

4. If the downloaded file is very large, try to have enough storage space to accommodate the file to be downloaded. This must be very sure to avoid automatic pauses in the download process, which can corrupt the downloaded file at any time. 

B. The management of your device is more inclined to mobile users. Sometimes, mobile phones carry out the automatic clear cache process when your device is idle. This can be motivated by the phone's condition, which is classified as old and has low specifications. Therefore there is a system in it that limits the background process of applications that were previously not allowed to run in the background or rudely like not in the environment Prioritize.

C. Application management or third-party software, sometimes someone has an application or software that aims to clean the cache automatically. Without us realizing it, the application can stop the running download process, then check your settings again to see if it does not affect the download process.

5. Whether the file algorithm is not the same file can be fixed

There currently needs to be a method that can be implemented to fix file algorithms that are different. Therefore we emphasize adhering to some things that should be avoided from the abovementioned points. Consider how important and big the potential file you download will cause further damage. Examples of file files include firmware, room, and Windows files, which will be implemented into a software system that is the basis of an operating system. Unlike the case, if the file you download is a file such as software, applications only need to be installed and can be deleted again if you experience a failure in operation.

    Those are some explanations and opinions that we convey in this article. Hopefully, it can be useful. The conclusion is to do the above method with your desired file background. Whether the file is very risky or not in the future, you can implement SHA-256 for a high level of accuracy compared to MD5.